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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Heat wave and power outage.

Hi all,

There is currently quite a situation going on in my hometown. There was a week-long heatwave interrupted by some severe thunderstorms which knocked out power to over half the customers. I'm sure that if I knew about them, I would be quite concerned for all the kitties and puppies who have no a/c. Fortunately, my Mommy's electrical service has been unaffected and I am blissfully unaware of the whole situation.

I did take time during a nap to pose for some pictures, though.

Love, Audrey


  • Dear Audrey,
    I am so glad you posted a report about the heat wave and power outage. I was quite worried that you were sweltering to death there. At my house we have also had some thunderstorms, and pretty hot weather - even though we didn't have a power outage, our a/c was acting temperamental on a couple of nights due to the excessive demands on the power. It got me a bit "out of sorts" but things are relatively OK now. I am currently sleeping through the thunder - I never did really understand why it bothered so many of our furry friends.
    In full smeicomatose calmness,
    your everloving friend,

    By Anonymous Fluffy, At 4:21 PM  

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