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Friday, February 19, 2010

Sleepytime: My Cat-o-lympics Entry.

I would like to present my humble entry in the Cat-o-lympics Competitive Napping category, hosted by Huffle Mawson.

I am not normally prone to sleeping in strange places... my Mom's bed or chair will do just fine. What I do love, during winter of course, is sleeping curled up with a fuzzy fleece blanket wrapped around me for warmth.

Here I am in the guest bedroom, which is the brightest room in my house during the afternoons.

Good luck to all the other talented cats!


  • That is an excellent entry, Audrey. I am sure it is medal-worthy! I love the coordination of colors. Tres chic.

    By Blogger Simba, At 2:02 PM  

  • Audrey that is a wonderful entry! You definitely have a chance at a medal.

    By Blogger Huffle Mawson, At 12:37 AM  

  • Audrey you look adorable! You'll be competing on Wednesday.

    By Blogger Huffle Mawson, At 8:54 PM  

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