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Sunday, August 13, 2006

A backyard!

Mommy has been promising me a house with a yard for years. She keeps putting it off and even tried getting me a stupid sister instead, when all I really wanted was to run around and chase birdies and chipmunks like Boykie.

But finally, it might be happening. I will keep you posted.

Love, Audrey


  • That sounds really exciting. I love LOOKING out into my yard but my parents get very tense when I try to actually GO into it because of what happened to Boykie when he used to go out and chase those chipmunks. Now that he has gone to that great yard in the sky, the chipmunks are running rampant everywhere! Trouble is that my rodent catching skills are the pits anyway (it was before you started your blog that I had that adventure with a mouse-in-the-house, remember?).

    Love, Fluffy

    By Anonymous Fluffy, At 2:36 PM  

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