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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Odes to gravity.

Following in the footsteps jumping on the bandwagon shamelessly copying the recent feline blogging haiku trend, I am pleased to present some of my poetry on my favorite subject, gravity, for your reading pleasure.

half-filled glass beckons
on the edge of the counter.
i make newton proud.

olive oil bottle
suddenly rushes down to
ceramic tile floor.

she buys plastic cups,
vitamin bottles also
make a pleasing crash.

push, shatter, bad cat!
negative attention is
better than boredom.

Maybe there will be more soon, maybe not.

Love, Audrey


  • Excellent poetry, Audrey! This haiku trend is both intellectual and enjoyable. I hope there will be more to come on other topics. Unfortunately, I can't think up any clever ones myself.



    By Anonymous Fluffy, At 5:10 PM  

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