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Friday, October 23, 2009

Chinese fire drill.

So my Mom is having a party for me tonight and that always means a lot of bustling around, cleaning areas of the house that don't usually get clean, and the monster sucker thingy making a lot of noise.

The monster sucker thingy is one of only 2 things I am really afraid of. The other is aluminum foil. When my mom starts getting out the box of foil, I scamper into the bedroom and under the bed.

My Mom is warm from scurrying around the house and so she opened a window even though it's chilly. I am snuggled up under several blankets.


  • Great to see you back to blogging, Audrey. Enjoy the party you think your Mom is having for YOU.

    By Blogger Simba, At 2:16 PM  

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