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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Here's how it started.

Nothing good ever really occurs after the cat carrier comes out of the closet.

There was the one time when I got to go and stay with Terrence and Persimmon, but it was still because my Mom was away. And there was the one time when my mom took the carrier out and then left with it empty, but she brought it back with some other cat inside, who thought she was going to be my sister. Tiny. She ate my crunchies and peed in my litter box. And she peed in other places too, where she wasn't supposed to, so, she went back where she came from, and I'm still here. Hah.

But enough about that. Usually when the carrier comes out it means I'm going to the doctor.

Last time the doctor told my Mom that I was fat and I needed to go on a diet. Also, he gave me shots. I don't mind the shots themselves, but afterwards, I just feel awfully sick from them.

So my Mom got out the carrier this time and I went to hide under the bed. But she'd tricked me and closed the doors to both bedrooms as well as the bathroom!! I tried to hide under the dining room table and the ottoman, but eventually, she stuffed me inside and off we went.

The doctor's office was busy. There was a freakish cat on a leash, an offence against nature if ever there was one. And a bunch of those nasty canine species, barking and panting and slobbering everywhere.

A very nice young lady dumped me out of my carrier and put me on a scale and announced to my Mom that I had lost a pound. Not quite Kirstie Alley or Star Jones-Reynolds-Whatever, but still, it's something. Then they stuffed my back in the carrier and we sat and waited with the slobberers for about an hour.


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