Moi, moi, moi...

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Well, finally they showed my Mom to an exam room and she closed the door on all the slobbering, barking creatures. But when she opened the zipper on my carrier, I stayed put, which is unusual for me.

The doctor had to help my Mom to dump me out of the carrier onto the cold, metal table. She poked and prodded and listened and gave me some shots, which weren't too bad. Then she looked in my ears.

Now my Mom has been noticing for a few months that I seemed to have a bit of an ear wax issue, but she thought it was just one of my quirks. The doctor held me down and proceeded to scoop an enormous amount of disgusting brown stuff out of my ears with gigantic Q-tips. Then she squirted some oily stuff into my ears and rubbed it around. She went off somewhere else in the office and returned a few minutes later to announce excitedly that my ears were "Teeming with BACTERIA!" She made it sound like she had just discovered the can opener or something else really important.

Of course my Mom was horrified, but the worst was yet to come. This is what I am forced to suffer each day. My Mom sneaks up on me, holds me down, and squirts this nasty, oily goo into my ears.

And I had my usual nasty reaction to the shots...


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