Moi, moi, moi...

Friday, April 20, 2007

My new cat bed.

Some strange men came in a big truck to deliver my big new bed. I wasn't as scared of them as my Mom thought a cat should be. I am very brave.

After they left, I wasted no time in checking it over. It has these nifty scratching-post-like things in the corners. In the picture I am asserting my territorial rights by getting right in the middle... the bed is MINE.

But I may let my Mom snuggle on there with me, too.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Odes to gravity.

Following in the footsteps jumping on the bandwagon shamelessly copying the recent feline blogging haiku trend, I am pleased to present some of my poetry on my favorite subject, gravity, for your reading pleasure.

half-filled glass beckons
on the edge of the counter.
i make newton proud.

olive oil bottle
suddenly rushes down to
ceramic tile floor.

she buys plastic cups,
vitamin bottles also
make a pleasing crash.

push, shatter, bad cat!
negative attention is
better than boredom.

Maybe there will be more soon, maybe not.

Love, Audrey